Kennedy Park National School - 6th Class

Ms Wickham

Congratulations to Ms Wickham's 6th Class who ran 3km today around Clonard after weeks of training! Many thanks to parents Margo Rochford and Keith Shortall for joining us!!!


Opera? Yes Please!!!!!

The 6th class students had the wonderful privelge of witnessing a real, live rehearsal of Wexford Festival Opera's Don Bucefalo! Watch out Placido might have to watch your back! These kids may have just caught the opera bug!!! For more info on Wexford Festival Opera click here!


Ms Thornhill

Say hello to all the boys and girls in Ms Thornhill's class!!!



Ms Wickham

Ms Wickham's class made these awesome volcanoes!!! They even erupt!! (Don't worry's not real lava, only a mixture of food dye, vinegar and bicarbonate of soda!!! The boys and girls in First Class were very excited to see a real-live eruption!!!!!


For more info on how to make your own volcano check out this website!!