Kennedy Park National School - 6th Class

End of Year!!

Enjoy  a video dedicated to the final year of these 6th Class students!! Well done guys, you've made everyone here very proud and we wish you all the very best!! 

Password: kennedyparkns


Ms Thornhill


Take a peek at our fantastic posters on bullying!!


Sixth class gave a hand as 2nd class made their own playdoh! (With Ms Hayes' 2nd class pupils)


Mirror writing is not as easy as it looks!


World Book Day!


Ms Wickham

World Book Day!

World War II Projects

Each group took one aspect of World War II and conducted research on it. They then presented their projects tot he class. Our topics included 

  • Background to WWII
  • Blitzkrieg
  • Weapons
  • Nuclear bombs
  • America enters the war
  • The Holocaust
  • How the war ended


We also made our own wormery. Every week we feed the worms and they turn the food into compost.