RSE Policy

RSE Policy 2023.docx (Click to download)

Anti-bullying policy

2022 signed anti bullying (Click to download)

Anti Bullying Review 2023(Click to download)

Code of Behaviour Policy

Code-of-Behaviour 2018 (Click to download)

Child Safeguarding Statement

Child Safe Guarding Statement 2023(Click to download)

Child Safe Guarding Statement Review 2023 (Click to download)

Admissions Policy

Admissions Policy(Click to download)

Healthy Lunch Policy

Healthy Lunch Policy (Click to download)

Homework Policy

Homework Policy (Click to download)

Parental Complaints Procedure

Parental Complaints (Click to download)

Procedures for Suspension and Expulsion

Procedures for Suspension and Expulsion (Click to download)

 School Website Privacy Statement

School Website Privacy Statement (click to download)